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Hard Things…

“Miss Masse, that’s what we say!” Yes my loves it is, we can do hard things!

The end of last year was one like none we’ve seen before. I did nightly read aloud videos for my kindergarteners but they would also ask me to read some favorites again “live” for them on our zoom meetings. I Can Do Hard Things by Gabi Garcia was one I read several times by request as our year came to a close. 

At first I wondered why my kids kept asking for this book to be read again. Then I realized, it was what we were living. We were living hard things. My littles were doing hard things daily. They needed to hear me, the person they have learned to look to as someone who will keep them safe and has taught them how to do hard things, reassure them that they CAN do hard things!

This is a book that I will start this year with too. I always teach my students that they can do hard things…but I think this year more than ever, we will need these reminders. 

So this year, when you aren’t sure how to make it or what you’re supposed to do next, take the wise advice from Gabi Garcia and tell yourself:

“I can feel all my feelings. I can ask for help. I can try again, rather than give up.”

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