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Clean Getaway by Nic Stone

Clean Getaway, acclaimed Dear Martin author Nic Stone’s debut middle grade novel, is sure to be a hit in schools this year. William “Scoob” Lamar embarks on an adventure of a lifetime with his Grandma, G’ma. As he leaves his single dad behind, Scoob has no idea what will be in store. His traveling adventures across the south in his G’Ma’s RV lead to family bonds, self discovery, and a bit of hijinks. This book implores us to take a look at the experiences of Black Americans throughout history and invites us to reflect and do better.

Reading this book during the summer with my about to be 5th grade son, we discussed the funny parts, the tricky parts, and the parts that made him question why Blacks would be treated differently and how we can be allies and activists to stand up for what is right. Teachers will be thrilled to have these discussions with their students, either in person, or virtually. This book will fit perfectly in a realistic fiction unit, during book clubs, or when diving deeply into social issues.

How will you share books with students this school year? Book talks are a great way to get students excited, but so are book trailers. Check out this trailer from Random House Kids:

Join Scoob and his G’Ma on the trip of a lifetime!

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