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Over and Under the Rainforest

I clearly remember sitting in front of a first grade class reading Over and Under the Snow, by Kate Messner. Their little eyes, glued to each page, their minds studying each and every page, studying and learning.

Over and Under the Rainforest, Kate Messner’s newest release, is another beautifully told and magically illustrated book that will engage children of all ages.

The storyteller and her friend, Tito, journey through the rainforest taking the reader right along with them. They observe with ears and eyes all the sounds and sights, some out in the open, others hidden. They climb up and down. They notice bats sleeping in rows and a tadpole on a the back of a poison dart frog. They hear the “Rrrowf! Rrrowf! Rroooooaaahhhhh!” of the howler monkeys.

Every page begs the reader to stop and think, “What is Kate Messner teaching here?” The text begs to be read again and the pictures call for lingering.

With true Kate Messner passion, she shares the wonder of the rainforest with facts woven into a simple, yet lively, narrative.

Off to read it again.

After thoughts-

Reader’s Workshop – highly recommend as narrative non-fiction mentor text.

Writer’s Workshop – highly recommend as narrative non-fiction mentor text.

Journal Invitations (after read aloud) –

  • Write what this book made you think. Write what stood out for you. Write what it made you wonder.
  • Copy a picture or a piece of a picture. Write what you learn, think as you copy.
  • Choice – based on the read aloud.

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