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Word Choice Matters

As I travel across country, I’ve taken photos of signs that get my attention.  These creative expressions make me smile because their message is so clever. I love how these signs turn something negative into a joyful moment for readers.  I hope to use this collection of signs in a variety of ways when I return to the classroom:

  • To spark creativity when young writers create signs, letters, and petitions during an opinion unit of study. 
  • To notice figurative language and symbolism, and help students to move beyond literal meanings.
  • When students create a classroom constitution, writers can choose images and words to get their meaning across in playful ways.  
  • To talk about the power of word choice and how the way we say things can get readers to stop and take notice.

With so much sadness and hardship in the world right now, a little humor goes a long way. These little signs hold readers’ attention, let them giggle, and send an important message.  Let’s teach our writers the power of word choice and creativity.

Moss Landing, California
Park City, Utah

Los Gatos, California
Park City, Utah
Boise, Idaho

Happy Writing!

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