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The Next President

With less than one month until election day, The Next President, The Unexpected Beginnings and Unwritten Future of America’s Presidents written by Kate Messner and illustrated by Adam Rex is a timely read aloud. It’s also not your average book about Presidential history for kids… it’s way better.

Clear and concise text and supporting illustrations lead our eyes across each page like a well-marked trail. We learn a few facts about each of our nation’s presidents, while simultaneously learning how many other presidents were born and were growing up at the same time. For example, “At the time of Washington’s inauguration, Presidents 6 and 7 were both practicing law… while Presidents 8, 9, and 12 were all kids. (Presidents 10 and 11 hadn’t been born yet.)”

The whole book takes a forward-looking approach and leaves us with the thought that at least ten of our future presidents are alive today… and at least three of them are probably kids. No matter who you support, or how you plan on casting your ballot, this book is a great way for kids to know they are an integral part of our nation’s future… and perhaps one day, they may be leading it.

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