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Small Moments of Joyful Magic

When my kids were young, each evening we shared highlights from our day. This small ritual helped us notice how it is the little moments that touch our hearts, not the grandiose events.

Even though my kids are grown, and on their own, I still think about the highlights of my day. Sometimes my husband and I share, but more often than not, I keep them to myself.

Hops, our newest dog, brings small moments of joy each time we bike ride. You see, Hops loves to be in the lead, despite being eighteen pounds and part Dachshund, he can run like the wind! His little legs leap over rocks and fly around curves. Yet, the moment he realizes I am behind everyone else, Hops stops leading and finds me.

He darts back down the trail as I struggle to get up a hill or squeeze the breaks to slow down on a steep incline. There is Hops standing in the middle of the trail during these tricky moments, making sure I am okay. Once he sees me and knows that I am okay, he darts off to take the lead once again.

At first, I thought it was a bit silly how much I cherish how this dog checks on me. Here I am, seeing so many beautiful sights across this country, and what gives me the biggest smile is this little dog.

Then, one day, my husband George was trailing behind. Hops darted back and checked on him. When George and I caught up on the trail, George said, “Hops came to see if I was okay – I love that dog!” I realized then that this little dog joyful magic touches both of us.

Even though my family rituals have changed, I’ll keep looking for these moments and remember that they are what matters. With the craziness in the world right now, I wish each of you many small moments of joyful magic.

7 thoughts on “Small Moments of Joyful Magic”

  1. I love this. We just got a new puppy & I really hoped she wouldn’t be the worst decision of 2020. It’s turning out that I am completely smitten by her. Some days I wonder if this is silly. Your post reminds me that the silly thing is not finding the joy and magic in the small moments. I’m so glad you write. I’m so glad I get to read the things you write. I’m so glad Hops is your sidekick.

  2. Hi, Tammy – it was a small moment of joy for me to open your link and find this photo of your precious, part-dachshund Hops! What a perfect name for such a creature … we had a dachshund, Nik, for 16 years (from the time my youngest son was four until he was twenty). We finally got another one, Dennis, last Christmas. They do hop and run like the wind – nothing is cuter, more hilarious, or more endearing. They love. love love their people – I am convinced, looking into their expressive. devoted eyes, that they have souls. “Little dog joyful magic,” indeed. I savor it.

  3. i love that Hops checks on both of you and yes during this crazy time in life – finding these moments of joy is magic. Your journey is inspirational.

  4. Reading this delightful post, snuggled under my cozy blanket on the back porch, sipping hot apple cider, and listening to the crickets ….this has been a joyful moment. Thank you!

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