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The Princess in Black and the Giant Problem

One thing I have always loved about teaching the upper elementary grades is the love of series books that blossoms within a classroom. When third grade begins, students speak about the main characters of series books as if they are old friends; Pedro, Mercy Watson, Yasmin, and so many others are part of our classroom community. Hearing about students’ experiences with series books helps me learn about them as readers and match them with new books to explore.

One series that so many students love coming back to again and again is the Princess in Black series. Written by Shannon and Dean Hale and illustrated by LeUyen Pham, the series fits perfectly in the fairy-tale-with-a-twist genre that captures the attention of young readers. The formatting makes the stories feel accessible for many readers with equal value placed on text and illustrations. Plus, the stories are just plain fun!

When I told students I was adding the newly-released Princess in Black and the Giant Problem to my classroom library, a waiting list developed immediately. Many students were excited to rejoin Princess Magnolia as she set off on her latest adventure. The first two students to read the book shared that it was a great addition to a beloved series. Filled with humor, fun, and friendship, the latest Princess in Black book will be a great addition to the “Beloved Series” bins in many classroom libraries! 📚

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