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I am Bringing You with Me

Monday is my first official day as a first-grade teacher, and didn’t you hear?  I am bringing you with me.  You see, it has been quite a few years since I have had my own classroom, but I am less worried, and that’s all because of you.  

I am bringing:

  • hundreds of elementary teachers who welcomed me into their classrooms to teach alongside them.
  • Teachers College Institutes, and NCTE and MRA Conferences
  • Choice Literacy writing partners and writing retreats
  • my PLN on Twitter
  • so many Literacy coaches and administrators who share their wisdom, their resources, and inspire me daily.

I am also bringing a collaborative blogging team that pushes me to grow and think in new ways. A husband and two grown kids who are eager to hear stories from the classroom. And, of course, two little dogs who do nothing but make me laugh every day.

Plus, I’ve got children’s book authors right by my side.

I’ve even got Debbie Miller, Sara Ahmed, and Kristi Mraz in my planning notebook.

Of course, I’ll have a teaching team who believes deeply in what children can do, and students who are already experts at so many things.

Please know that on Monday and every day I step into the classroom, I’ll be bringing you.  You see, I am standing on your shoulders.  So, you will be there too.

21 thoughts on “I am Bringing You with Me”

  1. Those little learners are so lucky to have you and your team of educators backing you up. Break a leg, and drink coffee!

  2. Best of luck! I an back to teaching a remote section of first grade this year- after ten years out of the classroom. It’s so good to know we aren’t alone.

  3. Oh, congratulations Tammy! You will be wonderful and we cannot WAIT to hear about your adventures with your students. Wishing you all the best!

  4. Lucky kids to have a host of teachers all wrapped up into one being! Good luck on this next journey into school life during a pandemic.

  5. What a blessing to bring these dear ones into your classroom! I too, took my blogger friends, my favorite authors, the presenters from conferences, and everyone’s love for young people into my middle school classroom. We are blessed by each other. Have fun in first grade!

  6. Congratulations! I love the positive energy swirling through your post, reminding us that we are all part of one another. A vast PLN or PLT or ever how it’s termed in your realm, an organic thing that keeps growing. So many wonderful resources … yourself included. First graders are a delight. Their insights amaze me. All the best to you in this exciting adventure, Tammy.

  7. The attitude and gratitude create a powerful start for the return into the classroom. I wish you lots of joy and playfulness!

  8. Tammy, I’m so glad I stumbled on this post and the Sharing Our Stories blog. I gasped and cheered and almost cried (good tears) when I read you would be back in the classroom. Your students and colleagues are so blessed! Much luck and love to you, and most of all, stay safe!

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