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Using Silver Linings As Ideas for Stories

How many times in the last year have you heard people say, “Ugh! 2020!”?  Many of us feel like 2020 has dealt us one tsunami after another and our personal shorelines are eroding rapidly. Though I am ready for 2020 to end as much as the next person, as a writing teacher, I recognize that out of struggle and strife come some of the best ideas for stories. Children, like adults, are experiencing increased stress and anxiety this year. The search for the silver linings in our challenging experiences is not only healthy for our overall well-being, but these silver linings have the potential to become tremendously meaningful small-moment stories.

As we coach young writers to think through their difficult experiences from their lives, be they the pandemic, loss they’ve experienced, teasing, injuries, and so on, it is essential to look closely at these moments to find the positive light that might shine through the dark. It is, through our struggles that we learn lessons, are reminded of how much we are loved, or find the strength to persevere. These moments remind us that struggle and discomfort are ok. It is when we learn from our struggles that we grow and become stronger. 
To see how young writers are coached to generate ideas for “Silver Lining Stories,” click here!

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