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Ten Ways to Hear Snow by Cathy Camper and Kenard Pak

The morning after a blizzard, Lina walks through her neighborhood to her grandmother’s and takes delight in the many ways she can experience the new fallen snow through sound. 

Lina wakes to the muffled quiet of a world blanketed in snow. On her walk, she listens carefully and hears snow-related sounds such as the “ploompf” of a blue jay knocking snow off a tree, the “swish-wish” of people brushing snow off their cars, and the “thwomp” of a snowball. The sensory details convey the wonder of a snowy morning and will provide a new perspective even for those readers who have experienced snowfall.

This is a beautiful book for its wondrous exploration of our natural world, but also because it centers on a heart-warming bond between a child and her grandmother. Lina does not let the snow curtail her from visiting her grandmother on grape leaf day so she can help her make warak enab. Once at the assisted living home where her grandmother lives, the two cook together, amuse themselves with grape leaf mustaches, and listen to the quiet of the snow. The story shows the joy of spending time with loved ones.

Being a winter-themed read, this book gives insight into the experience of a snowy day. There are also possibilities for discussing the importance of listening, appreciating nature, and looking at the world in new ways. It’s both thoughtful and lovely.

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