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Snowflakes Are Falling

It’s been hard to come up with what to write about in this time we are living in. I have two cohorts of kindergarteners that are in person two days a week and remote the other three. I am responsible for all of them, all 5 days. While I am more than thankful to have them in person, the pressure and stress felt from trying to meet each learners individual needs in each setting they are in is more than overwhelming.

Before winter break, I found us needing time to reconnect and have fun. We read all kinds of books about snow and learned about snowflakes. Then we painted giant snowflakes. We had so much fun, laughed, and got creative. It has been hard to find ways to do those things in kindergarten, Covid style but we did it. I wish you could see their smiling eyes but I thought I could at least share their beautiful art.

No matter what version of school you are living, remember to find times to enjoy fun moments with your learners, they need this now more than ever.

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