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A Little Spot Takes Action Series

by Diane Alber

Alber’s first publication, I’m not Just a Scribble, was released in 2017. Since then, Alber has graced the literary community with single editions and box sets that not only inspire readers to explore and appreciate their own creativity, but also revive the reader’s thinking about the kind of values, morals, and characteristics that are so desperately needed. The reader is reminded, in the simplest, most practical ways of those traits that bind us as a human family, a community of people unified; appreciating self, being mindful of our biases about others, taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds, and working in an organized and purposeful way to make each day a success.

The series, A Little Spot Takes Action includes 8 books: Kindness, Responsibility, Patience, Respect, Honesty, Organization, Diversity and Safety. As a parent, as an educator, you have all these thoughts in your head, and if you’re like me, your often grasping for those “just-right” words to convey the “right” ideas or explanations to our children. In my kindergarten class, “What does that mean?” “Why?” and “How do I do that?” Are questions I hear constantly. A Little Spot Takes Action takes those scripts and mental lists we have and transforms them into “just-right” stories for children.

We used all of the books in this series as we welcomed our students, hybrid and virtual, back to school. Over the past few weeks, there’s been many opportunities to remind students of the lessons learned. The week before holiday, is a perfect example. As our cohort waited for one of their buddies to put into words why he felt the number 11 was not a teen number, we gently reminded each listener, of the ways we’ve learned to grow our patience spots. When we practice kindness and respect, true listening, and waiting for your turn to speak become less long and boring. As kindergartners listened to their peer’s ideas, we ended up having a 20 minute debate which numbers were teen numbers and how you could tell with certainty. Thank you Mrs. Alber for helping us to grow our selves forward.

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