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Cendrillon A Caribbean Cinderella by Robert D San Souci illustrated By Brian Pinkney

This book Is closed to our heart: it’s the rendition on an a old time favorite with a Caribbean twist. The children loved it because it takes place on their Island , Martinique, it’s not mentioned by name but they could recognize some of the traditions . The manicou, an animal present in many folktales on the island, replaces the horse for the coachman. It’s a long story , we had to read it over a couple of days, the children did not mind the length , they could not wait for story time that week.

A long time ago, on the island , this was a familiar scene. Traditionally groups of women would meet to do their laundry at the river. This was a time a very convivial time. The children are familiar with such scene because of the stories their great- grand parents told them.
This picture is the epitome of the story of Cinderella, the pumpkin transformed into a carriage. In this case the bread fruits, which is a staple of Caribbean food , is transformed into a carriage.
The beautiful colorful traditional dresses in place of princess gown. A long time ago these dresses where seen all over the island. The headpiece will have special meanings depending on How it was tied. Women loved to show case their jewelry during weddings and christening.
The children identified with the prince and the future princess .
Beautiful wedding scene and a god mother really enjoying ice cream.

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