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No Buddy Like A Book by Allan Wolf

No Buddy Like A Book by Allan Wolf, illustrated by Brianne Farley

No Buddy Like A Book is a freshly minted book extolling the myriad of things we can learn in a book.

So when we launched our Writing a Teaching Book unit for first grade, this seemed like a delicious kick-off mentor text. This book outlines many of the marvelous things we can learn from books. It might spark some topics for our youngest writers while also reminding them of our responsibilities as authors to teach our readers new things, unexpected things, things they will enjoy.

A little bit of geography may connect with our writers to places they know well.

No Buddy Like A Book’s prose is a lovely way to slide into a information writing, all the beautiful ways that authors teach us in books. I can see it paired with other favorite nonfiction subjects or titles to do an inquiry with students about the work of information writing. Reminding students of our connection between reading and writing, this book cleverly details the craft of information books.

No Buddy Like a Book would also be a lovely end of day or morning meeting share. The repetitive lines would work themselves into sentence compositions or studying how an author adds reasons to his claim.

Full of lovely illustrations and charming prose, this is in my ‘Can you come and read to my class?’ pile!

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