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Dreams for a Daughter by Carole Boston Weatherford

Dreams for a Daughter
By Carole Boston Weatherford
Illustrated by Brian Pinkney

 It’s hard not to think of my three daughters and the women they will become during Women’s History Month. I feel so fortunate to be living in a time where there are so many strong women to serve as examples and role models for my young girls. I’m even more grateful for the amazing books that have been written that help me share the stories of these women with my children. 

 When I first read Dreams for a Daughter, by Carole Boston Weatherford and illustrated by Brian Pinkney, I felt like my heart was spilling onto the page. Everything that I could ever dream for my own daughters seemed to be perfectly captured in the short verse scrolled across each page.

“I pray that nothing and no one will ever break your spirit.”

“And you learn that asking the right questions means more than knowing all the answers.”

“Explore and experiment to discover where you shine.”

The message in this sweet love letter is one for a strong and independent girl, free to pave her own way-no matter what obstacles may get in the way. 

Every year, instead of giving our daughters a card on their birthdays, we write a letter to them in a book. I spend a lot of time finding just the right books. We have two May birthdays coming up and this book is a strong contender. I may even buy each of my daughters their own copy. 

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