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Day 75: Cracking the QR Code

To launch informational writing, we began with a mystery QR CODE, and the kids worked together to figure out how to unlock the code.  

A student mentor text children studied throughout the unit.

These first graders were so excited to “crack the code.” They were excited to write informational chapter books. But this exploration didn’t help them realize that QR codes could be a new way to publish their writing.

As they finished writing their informational chapter books, I turned their work into QR codes. With each newly published piece, they grabbed their iPads, scanned each other’s codes, and congratulated one another on their accomplishment.  But still, the excitement was about the technology, not about the wider audience.

It wasn’t until we hung their QR codes on the school fence that they realized how many people could read their writing.  Children came to school excited:

 “Mrs. Mulligan, my family took a walk and we scanned my writing.  My mom loved my book about dogs.”

“Mrs. Mulligan, I saw someone scanning our QR codes.  They were reading our writing.”

Yes, they’ve got it! They felt the joys of getting their writing out into the world for others to read. 

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  1. What a delightful way to share student writing! I love the student enthusiasm. Perhaps poetry could be shared this way in April.

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