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Templates to Enhance Literacy Instruction

What a year!

One thing that has been remarkable about this time is the amount of open sharing that educators have done.  From Bitmoji Classrooms to teaching templates, we have embraced the notion of “We are all in this together.” 

In the coming weeks, many schools are returning to a full and in person model of learning. Many of us will be moving away from technology and students will be doing more pencil and paper tasks.  In this post, I have curated templates to support literacy instruction.  These templates are digital, and can be shared easily through Google Classroom. In addition, these can be modified for different grade levels and easily be printed and copied for students to write on, or be replicated on an anchor chart.  

TemplateCreated By:
Vocabulary Detective Esther Park
Vocabulary Detective (2)Unknown (Bitmoji Facebook  Group)
Think, Pair, Synthesize PlacematEsther Park
Story ElementsEsther Park
Plot Diagram (includes drag and drop)Esther Park
Collaborative Plot DiagramEsther Park
Main Ideas and Supporting DetailsEsther Park

Magazine or Book Cover Templates ~

There are so many ways to use these in your literacy instruction.  Students can share elements of a fiction story or traits of the main character as well as share information learned after reading nonfiction

TemplateCreated By
News For KidsTemplates for Teachers
Schoolastic NewzTemplates for Teachers
Wanted PosterTemplates for Teachers
Who Would WinTemplates for Teachers

Social Media templates are motivating to students in upper grades, and can be modified for many subjects.  Ditch That Textbook has ready to use templates for creating :

Whether your students are returning in person or working remotely, these templates are sure to be a popular way to synthesize their learning.

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