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A Surprise at my Kitchen Door

I sit down on the couch to write my post for Thursday.  Guilt is the feeling inside of me, as I know it has been a few weeks since I’ve written.  The words don’t come.  I know my topic – writing about the different ways I’ve tried to give students more choice and ownership during small group instruction.  The words aren’t flowing tonight.

I get another cup of tea and just one more chocolate non-pareil.  I promised myself I would only eat one a day. It’s only day three, and I am already breaking that promise.  

While I am in the kitchen, the cat meows to go out.  I open the back door, and there on the top step is this note.

I pick it up. I smile – a petition from the neighborhood kids.

Before COVID, these children played on the tree swing even though my children are grown.

Before COVID, these children knocked on the door and asked, “Can we take Ranger and Hops for a walk?”

Before COVID, these children knocked and asked, “Are you baking chocolate chip cookies today?”

During COVID, I’ve seen these kids from a distance. I’ve waved, and they waved back.

During COVID, I assumed they forgot about their outings to my house. 

After all, during COVID, these kids have grown a whole year older.  

These outings to my house would end someday, as things naturally do. 

But, perhaps I was wrong. 

Perhaps, they still remember.  

Happy Writing, Everyone!  

I’m off to sign and deliver a petition.

3 thoughts on “A Surprise at my Kitchen Door”

  1. Oh, I love this! I have boys who still knock on my door, and back up, masked, while we chat socially distanced. I ask them if I should call the next time I bake cookies. They always answer in the affirmative! They stopped by yesterday to tell me about their spring break trip to their family’s place in the country. I love their visits.

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