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Series that Fly off my Classroom Shelves

Certain books fly out of the classroom library and into the hands of readers, and I love how these books change as the first graders grow. Right now, a few series baskets are empty, and I need to “quarantine” the books overnight so that other readers can have them ASAP.

The Hello, Hedgehog series is a classroom favorite. Kids love the comic book format of the text, and I love how accessible it is for so many young readers. These characters are endearing, and each story has a heartfelt message at the end. Thank you, Scholastic, for these Acorn early readers. The kids love them!

Another Acorn Reader kids can’t stop reading is the Unicorn and Yeti series. These two pals have an endearing friendship that first graders love.

Honestly, I was shocked when this older series caught on in the classroom. I brought one in with a particular reader in mind, but once the kids saw them, they all wanted to read Ricky Ricotta. They love the Mighty Robot but question why all of Dan Santat’s illustrations are in black and white. The kids have started to write their own versions of these books and are adamant about coloring their illustrations.

I sent Doggo and Pupper home with one child, and their family sent me a photo of her reading the book over spring break. I expect that this new series by Katherine Applegate’s will be a class favorite too.

Which books are flying off the shelves in your classroom? I’m always on the lookout for new texts to put in kids’ hands.

12 thoughts on “Series that Fly off my Classroom Shelves”

  1. Hi Tammy! I teach at an AF base in Germany. My second graders adore the following series: Press Start Super Rabbit Boy, Bots, Fox and Rabbit, Bad Guys, Owl Diaries, Unicorn Diaries, What If You Had (animal series) and Dory Fantasmagory. Your first graders would eat up Pizza and Taco (currently three books), Cookie and Broccoli (soon to be two books), and you since your kids adore Hello, Hedgehog! books, you must get your hands n Beak and Ally by Norm Feuti. Enjoy the rest of your school year!

    1. Thank you for all of these suggestions. I ordered them from the library and will tell the kids that a teacher in Germany recommended them. They are going to be so excited to learn that you work on a military base too.

  2. I do a read aloud with first graders once a week. They cheer for read aloud! They love Mercy Watson by Kate DiCamillo. They enjoy the collection of Fluffy (the class guinea pig) books at, too (if you haven’t used this resource, check it out… LOTS of ebooks free to use in school… be sure to search by author or titles).

  3. Fun to see these early series books. I have a grandson who might like books that have words he’s beginning to recognize. He’s yearning to break the code at four!

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