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Southwest Sunrise

Southwest Sunrise Book Cover
Written by Nikki Grimes & Illustrated by Wendell Minor

“Whoa! This book is full of such descriptive language!”

“Whoa! This book is FULL of descriptive language!”

“This makes everything I’m learning in social studies about the southwest region come alive!”

“Is there information in the back about all the different plants and animals in this book?”

“I love how the author compared the landscape of the desert with the skyscrapers of NYC!”

“If I were going to group this book with others, I’d put it with Evelyn Del Rey is Moving Away, Zola’s Elephant, and Yard Sale.”

“Mrs. B, flip back and forth between those two pages. Do you see the difference between the desert and the city sky? Maybe that shows us how what he left behind wasn’t really as great as he thought it was.”

“This book is a really great example of a character change!”

“Wait! Is this the same author who wrote Dyamonde Daniel?”

The above comments are just a few of the enthusiastic thoughts shared by a picture-book-loving group of 4th graders before, during, and after I recently shared Southwest Sunrise by Nikki Grimes.

Sometimes kids’ spontaneous words are the very best kind of review.

Add this beautiful book to your read-aloud stack.

Author Nikki Grimes Photo by Aaron Lemen via

Illustrator Wendell Minor Photo via

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