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I Am A Kindness Hero by Jennifer Adams

I recently added this book to my personal library. As a school principal, I’m always looking for books on kindness, respect, and taking care of one another. This book’s simple yet powerful text and beautiful illustrations by Carme Lemniscates are a perfect read aloud for when I visit classrooms.

The main character demonstrates many different ways to be kind to others, some of which are so simple, like just sitting and listening when someone is sad. It would be a great book to use to jumpstart a discussion about acts of kindness that students can do for each other in the classroom.

One thing that I love about this book to is that it is not just about being kind to others. It is also about being kind to our planet and the other creatures that inhabit it.

Lemniscates (@Lemniscatesbook) | Twitter

I also love the message at the end: “If I fight for kindness, then maybe others will too.”

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