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My Summer Stack

I’m going to be honest- it’s been a few months since I’ve read a book. The toll of the pandemic on school this year has impacted something I’ve always loved to do, and with the summer in sight, I am excited to get back to books! The stack pictured above is smaller than what I’d typically have set aside at this point for my summer reading, but rest assured it is still being built. Some of these books are ones I’ve had for awhile, and some are new, but all are ones I’m ready to throw in my beach bag or enjoy on the deck with a cup of tea in the morning when I don’t have to set an alarm.

One thing that’s different about what I’m choosing this summer is that there are fewer professional books on my list of must reads. I still intend to read some but honestly – I need a break. I have been completely focused on school and my students and staff to the exclusion of almost everything else, and now I need to get back to the things that tap into my other interests. Historical fiction. Mystery. Nonfiction. And if I can find a good book on how to improve my golf swing, that’s getting added to my stack!

Happy summer reading!

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