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Professional Reads for Summer 2021

After last month’s post on supporting students’ summer reading, I wanted to share some of the texts in my own summer reading stack. While summer is a great time for beach reads and reading for fun, I am also planning to explore some newly-released professional texts. Here are a few that are on my radar. Please feel free to share your suggestions in the comments below!

Trusting Readers: Powerful Practices for Independent Reading

This new book from Jennifer Scoggin and Hannah Schneewind celebrates the power of independent reading. Research tells us that independent reading is a powerful tool for helping readers grow. I’m excited to dig into this book to learn more about how to support my students during independent reading, especially after listing to Jen and Hannah’s recent Heinemann podcast episode. The episode is a must-listen, and I’m sure the book will be a must-read!

Start Here, Start Now: A Guide to Antibias and Antiracist Work in Your School Community

There is always work we can do to make our schools more equitable spaces for all children. I have always been inspired by Liz Kleinrock’s practical suggestions for educators on Twitter and Instagram, and I’m so excited that her work is now being shared in a book. Liz also appeared on a recent episode of the Heinemann podcast. Listening to her episode has me even more excited to read the book.

Intervention Reinvention: A Volume Based-Approach to Reading Success

I have the privilege of working alongside literacy educators Annie Ward, Maggie Hoddinott, and Suzanne Carroll in my school district, and their new book with Stephanie Harvey is a must-read for all teachers looking to support striving readers. Reading volume paired with meaningful instruction creates life-long readers. This book offers practical suggestions for teachers to use as they support students in building their reading volume and living a reading life.

I hope you all enjoy a rejuvenating summer filled with good reads! 📚☀️

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