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Summer Stacks and Sunsets

I have already gotten MORE sleep in the past week than I have since March 2020 so now it is time to dive in to my summer stacks! I am so glad that my library is open again for browsing! I have missed this so much this past year and I have found some really exciting titles to read.

New for this summer:

As Sara Klim said, there are some books from last summer that I didn’t get to but I am certain that there will be time this year as my head is not full of “what ifs,” like it was last year. I am excited to finally get to these books.

From last summer:

I have been concentrating on reading as many different genres and books by Native People ABOUT Native People this past school year. I attended several webinars during the year, hosted by Native People and I will continue to do so over the summer. All of my summer selections are based on book recommendations that were made at the webinars.

Professional reading for personal growth:

Finally, there are a few books that I am interested in reading just for myself, no strings attached. Reading for pleasure is something I am absolutely looking forward to this summer in addition to some beautiful sunsets!

Just for me:

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  1. These all look wonderful, Ann! Enjoy. Can’t wait to hear about your favorites! -Christine

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