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Big Feelings ~ are you feeling them?

The book jacket is a poster that can be used for a variety of things. Here I am introducing new feeling words.

I have so much to say about the true power of this book…So many incredible things that have already happened with my students because of this book. 

But the thing I’m currently feeling we need to hear? Big feelings are okay for everyone to have, grown ups included. 

As we enter into our third year impacted by these unprecedented times, it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. We aren’t, and likely never will be, living in the times of teaching that we spent years of our life being trained for. We still don’t know what we are doing. We still don’t know what’s coming next. 

And yet, my friends, we are doing it. We are doing it because we’re not alone. We are doing it because our kids deserve a better future. We are doing it, the hard, the ugly, the painful, the tearful alongside the good, the new, the innovative, the joyful.

This book by Alexandra Penfold addresses a wide variety of topics that we can dig into with kids in many settings. Perseverance, acceptance, and social/emotional understanding are just three of the many focuses you could choose while reading this book.

I feel this excerpt is more than fitting for the adventure we are embarking on as educators this year.

“I have big feelings. You do too. How can we help? What can we do? Work together. Build a crew. Begin again. Start Anew…This is our world. This is our home. Whatever we’re feeling, we’re never alone.”

Thank you for all that you do friends.

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