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Time for School Little Blue Truck

by Alice Schertle

Time for School, Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle, Jill McElmurry,  Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®

As we tackle the many walks of life at school, we are constantly asking our students to define for themselves, and reveal to their community, who they are. Exploring this big question requires an inner dialogue, experiences and action. Good literature can also help as we seek to develop this awareness.

Our Kindergarten class turned to the works of Alice Schertle this week. For anyone who has read the Little Blue Series, you know these cadent tales are simply sweet, feel-good stories. Little Blue, along with his pal Toad, are full of big personality, adventure, and simple lessons. Eighth in the series, Time for School Little Blue does not disappoint. In this series, Little Blue meets a new friend, Beep Beep, the school bus. Impressed by her size and purpose, Little Blue wishes he could be a school bus too. Alas, in the eyes of Beep Beep, Little Blue does not possess the characteristics/features needed to do her job. As the story unfolds, Little Blue is presented with the opportunity to prove Beep Beep wrong.

In our class discussion, we addressed our big questions; Who are you? How can you show your friends and teachers who you are? Here’s what kindergartners had to say…

“Beep Beep didn’t think Little Blue could be a bus cause he’s a truck, but he took pig to school when she got left at the bus stop. He didn’t just leave the pig at the bus stop. Little Blue didn’t give up even when he had to go through the jungle.”

“I think I like this story because Little Blue is brave and he knows what he can do. He just showed Beep Beep that he could be a bus too.”

“Little Blue was like, “I’m born ready for this job!” He got pig to school even though the bus didn’t think he could. You have to believe in yourself and try your best.”

“Nobody can be in your brain and you have to show by doing things so that people can know you are nice.”

“I believe in myself, and if something is hard you just try it or you can ask a teacher for help.”

“Little Blue is not a school bus but, he could take pig to school because it was only one pig.”

When you get the chance, take a look at Little Blue, I promise you’ll be happy you did.

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