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Outside In by Deborah Underwood, illustrated by Cindy Derby

Fall in New England is arguably the most beautiful season. Often a tree-produced riot of color, magical visuals flood our senses. Definitely time to get outside and possibly take a literal hike.

I love so much about Outside In. It has been on my list to share for months. The illustrations beautifully crafted by Cindy Derby remind me of fall in New England, a kaleidoscope of colors and sense, apples, pumpkins, end of season blooms, and the changing of leaves.

Taking a fall walk has often been a part of early elementary classes. Taking a science perspective, kids collect, draw or list things that they see as they walk close to school or even at home. This process of “showing and telling” can be inspiration for our students writing life. Where else have you see these things? What sounds do you here in this word?

For our slighter older writers, the inspiration of Deborah Underwood’s words might spark some imitation.

What are we missing that is happening outside our windows?

How is outside coming inside?

How is outside saying “I’m here”?

Here is an entrance to author’s craft and a growing appreciation from outside. Let’s accept the invitation.

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