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Kindness Grows

By Britta Teckentrup

As we navigate through this year of data meetings, social emotional learning and academic needs,  Britta Teckentrup reminds us of the importance of kindness.  Stress levels, anxiety and frustrations seem to be at a high for administrators, teachers and students.  Kindness Grows is a wonderful reminder that angry words, shouting and arguments can damage relationships/friendships.  Once words are spoken, they can never be taken back.  Words of encouragement, sharing and kind actions go a long way and if we lean on each other anything is possible.

Teachers and Administrators Said:

When we all work together, share ideas, listen to one another and offer help we all grow.

We are stronger together! We need to be kind to each other, communicate and be understanding this year in order for our “tree to grow”.

Growth, of any kind, takes nurturing, attention and time.

Students said:

It’s cool how the Britta Teckentrup wrote the book ! The left side of the page is the “not kind” things and the right is the “kind”.

I noticed how the crack in the book grows and grows as the “unkind” things continue to happen.

The author and illustrator create mood by using the different sides of the book to tell the story as well as the colors- unkind side is dark and cold feeling, kind side is bright, happy and warm.

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