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Saturday at the Food Pantry

Saturday at the Food Pantry by Diane O’Neill and illustrated by Brizida Magro was the perfect book to kick off a canned food drive we were doing at school. I expected it to do just that; introduce and explain what a food pantry was. Then I realized it was going have us thinking and feeling bigger. We were introduced to food insecurity. We learned everybody needs help sometimes and we watched two friends navigate using a food pantry.

After we read the story my students had these thoughts-

“I’m delighted there are food pantries to help people in need.”

“I have some new learning – you have to sign in to food pantries.”

“The message is everyone needs help sometimes.”

“I”m happy we are having a food drive to help others.”

“I”m happy to learn people can be in hard times and have a place to get food at the food pantry.”

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