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The Circles All around Us

by Brad and Kristi Montague

Sometimes we struggle to teach our children how to navigate those facets of life in which we are continuous learners. It is a constant grapple for us to understand and attend to the dynamic network of relationships that constitutes human social systems. In this book, The Circles All Around Us, Brad and Kristi Montague break down this complex systems theory into its most basic element; love and appreciation for fellow man.

The Circles All Around Us by Brad Montague: 9780593323182 | Brightly Shop
The Circles All Around Us: Montague, Brad, Montague, Brad, Montague,  Kristi: 9780593323182: Books

When we open our hearts “from a safe little place for just one person” to allowing, seeking, and spreading love and kindness, there is a ripple effect. Love grows and grows. Here’s what Kindergartners garnered from the story.

“There sure is a lot of loving in that book!”

“When we make a bigger circle, all of our friends and family can fit it.”

“For your whole life, you are going to be drawing circles.”

“People need to know how to spread love.”

“Sometimes you might feel uncomfortable cause you want a little space, but you can still be nice.”

“If you’re left out you feel sad and lonely, but there is always a different circle you can join.”

“Anybody can join my circle, but they better be wearing their maskes. Pull it up people!”

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I LOOOVE Kindergarten!

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