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Third Grade Book Talks

Book talks are a cherished tradition in my third grade classroom. Students sign up for a day of the month, giving the title of a book they have recently read that they’d like to share with the class. When the day arrives, the student has a few minutes to share a brief synopsis with the class, as well as who they would recommend the book to.

I model these book talks heavily in the first months of the year, but I don’t require a written report or a script – in fact, many students don’t prepare any notes ahead of time. They use this opportunity to speak from the heart about how a book affected them and why they think others might like it. I often find that these book talks lead to more extemporaneous kid-to-kid talk about reading over the course of the day as they spark further conversation.

In celebration of the books my students have shared and plan to share this month, here are some of the latest recommendations from my third grade class:

  • Sulwe by Lupita Nyong’o: This picture book tells the story of a young girl who wishes for her dark skin to be lighter. The theme of self-love is a great reminder for readers.
  • Allergic by Megan Lloyd: Students love this graphic novel that follows a girl as she comes to terms with her severe allergies.
  • Weird But True: These compendia of interesting facts are number one hits in my third grade classrooms. Frequently read and frequently shared, these books “go viral” every year.
  • Baby-Sitters Little Sister: These graphic novel adaptations of the popular Baby-Sitters Club chapter book series are extremely popular with third graders.

If you haven’t given informal book talks a try in your classroom yet, make a blank calendar and see what happens! 📚❤️

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