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Book Series We Love

“Mrs. Doyle…do we have the next (insert title of series here)?”

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately.

Sometimes I can point to where the book is in the classroom.

But, sometimes, the books haven’t been written or released yet.

Here are a few books my fifth graders are (im)patiently waiting for:

Hilo: Book 8-Gina and the Big Secret

Hilo Series by Judd Winick

This sci-fi graphic novel series is awesome. We like that there are twists and turns in books 1 through 7. We like the characters and action in the storyline. We are excited for the 8th book to come out!
By: Gabe & Sawyer

Small Spaces: Book 4–Empty Smiles

Small Spaces Series by Katherine Arden

The books in this series are great if you like horror or adventure. They include great characters and many unexpected twists. All of the details in the books make everything in the story so easy to imagine. 
By: Olivia

5 Worlds: Book 5The Emerald Gate

5 Worlds series by Mark Siegel & Alexis Siegel 
Illustrated by: Xanthe Bouma & Matt Rockefeller & Boya Sun

This fantasy graphic novel series has interesting characters. There are aliens and different creatures in it. I find the books very creative and fun. I don’t like every book…but I like these! 
I cannot wait for Book 5 to come out.

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