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Layla and the BOTS Cupcake Fix by Vicky Fang and illustrated by Christine Nishiyama

Whenever Layla and the Bots get together, awesome things happen.

Happy 2022! What awesome things are you planning for your students and classroom in the new year?

I love teaching in January. It’s a month where I observe the most growth in my students as readers. Their stamina increases, their inferences deepen, and their willingness to try different books and series surges.

Layla and the Bots is a new early chapter book series and is quickly becoming a classroom favorite. Author, Vicky Fang, includes STEM elements such as data collecting, graphing, engineering design, and basic computer coding to enhance the story. Most importantly, readers learn that engineering requires patience, teamwork, perseverance, and a positive attitude.

In Layla and the BOTS Cupcake Fix, a new community center is slated to open in four days. Creative Layla and her Bot friends set out to make the perfect invention to entice people to the grand opening—a cupcake-making machine! When the first attempt fails to make exciting cupcakes, Layla and the Bots turn to an expert for ideas. Adding decorations to their cupcakes is exactly the awesome plan they need! The Bots program their invention to include cherries, sprinkles, and flowers, but they don’t foresee that some people might want more than one decoration. Using teamwork and perseverance, Layla and the Bots revise their code, and the cupcake machine is a hit!

I wish you all the best in 2022. Like Layla and friends, stay patient and keep a positive attitude.

That’s always how awesome things happen.

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