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Circle Round

Circle Round by Anne Sibley O’Brien, illustrated by Hanna Cha is a lovely book I discovered that can be used with multiple hooks in the classroom. First, it’s a simple counting book and book about circular items. Second, it’s a beautiful picture book of inclusion, featuring a diverse cast of children who include everyone in their circle. Third, its simple text can spur creativity to the next level.

The book opens with a simple line. One circle…bounces. (a basketball) Two circles…roll. (a bicycle) Three circles…spin. (hula hoops) My favorite is when the circles float! (bubbles)

The text follows this pattern: [Number] circles [action verb].

To challenge your students, see if they can do the same pattern with a different shape. With my kindergartners, I drew 1 flag and wrote, 1 triangle flies. I drew a cat’s head. I wrote, 2 triangles hear. I drew 3 sailboats. I wrote, 3 triangles sail. They had to guess my drawings.

Then I gave them paper and asked them to pick a shape and draw it in something. Some drew houses. One drew triangles in a swing set. They shared their shapes, and we tried to guess their drawings. Sticking to the patterned text, especially the verb, was difficult, but I’m sure if we practiced enough, they’d get it. Older students could have a lot of fun with this.

Lastly, Circle Round was used to emphasize that we are to include everyone, and if you see a lonely child, ask them to join you.

A beautiful book in words and illustration!

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