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Once Upon an Eid: Stories of Hope and Joy by 15 Muslim Voices

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been enjoying this collection bit by bit. Thanks to Libby App, I have been able to enjoy each story as a read aloud — in the car, when walking or on my couch with my paperback copy. The introduction, crafted by editors S.K. Ali and Aisha Saeed, offers a thoughtful message to readers:

We hope the joy will resonate with all kids–Muslim or not–and unite us all in celebration!”

S.K. Ali & Aisha Saeed
Yusuf & Roshan

Recently, I shared one of my favorites from the first half of the book: Yusuf and the Great Big Brownie Mistake by Aisha Saeed. Our reading community gathered to listen, considering the trouble structure. How is the trouble starting? How is it getting worse? How was the trouble resolved? Readers set off to think about life lessons. Some learned lessons about responsibility and making mistakes. Others recognized how helpful families can be in a time of need. I get excited thinking about the countless other messages readers will learn when they enjoy the other fourteen stories!

Here are a few other characters I’ve enjoyed meeting:

This beautiful story collection has so much to offer: Muslim voices, windows into Eid celebrations, strong story arcs and valuable life lessons. I have five short stories left to enjoy, and then this treasure will go into our special book box for First Chapter Friday. I can’t wait to pass it on to a young reader.

We hope all feel welcome to the feast of stories we have laid out for you.”

S.K. Ali & Aisha Saeed

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