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She Persisted: Ruby Bridges

She Persisted: Ruby Bridges by Kekla Magoon

Julia Soucy, 8th grade student, shares her thoughts of the She Persisted series, including She Persisted: Ruby Bridges.

Julia’s observations:

  • Themes and lessons put in a good way for younger children to understand.
  • Has pictures so that students can better visualize the story and further understand what they are reading.
  • Shows readers that even a little kid can make such a big change.
  • Shows that making a change is difficult and it didn’t happen overnight. It took time, strength, and bravery.
  • A good explanation of bigger words like segregation. Explains in a good way for children to understand by giving examples of how black people were segregated from white people. 

Julia’s thoughts:

Overall, I think that the She Persisted series is a great series for kids to use to learn about big topics. Usually when I look at articles and textbooks, I dread opening and reading them. It makes me feel bored and not want to learn about important moments in history; however, the She Persisted series makes me want to open up the books and read them. When reading these books I am entertained and want to continue reading. I stayed engaged throughout the books and learned many new facts about Ruby Bridges and Florence Griffith Joyner in a way that didn’t bore me.

I really enjoyed reading the two books from the She Persisted series and recommend them to others.

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