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Built Together, written by Mina Starsiak and illustrated by Barbara Bongini

Front Cover - Built Together

Known for the HGTV home renovation series, Good Bones, Built Together is Mina Starsiak’s first children’s book. It is a book about LOVE, as Starsiak explains:

“This book comes from my heart – I wanted to show that families can come in all forms and look a little different – just like houses – and that’s great. What matters about houses and families is that they both have a strong foundation of trust, kindness, support, and love.”

Built Together’s colorful, playful illustrations and warm message would attract any reader! 


By comparing building a family to constructing a house, Starsiak invites readers to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of families. Similar to a foundation, it is love and trust that provides strength for families, regardless of their structure. Whether you live in a single parent household, have a blended family, come from a binary parent family, have an adopted family or any other family unit, Starsiak’s Built Together nurtures acceptance for all. Geared toward young readers, the book’s message is loud and clear:

My family isn’t really on the pages but the love we have is strong like this one, and this one, and this one (pointing to illustrations).

I know someone who lives with her grandma. Like, her grandma is her mom. I think she is lucky and her grandma is lucky.

I get it! A house would crumple if it was built wrong. My family would not work if we didn’t love each other!

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