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Inside Cat by Brenden Wenzel

When I choose to write about Inside Cat by Brendan Wenzel, I thought this was another Caldecott for the author of They All Saw a Cat, the 2017 Caldecott recipient. While Inside Cat was passed over for the award, this book carries some big thinking in its few words and limited subject.

As cat remains in her house, she has plenty of things outside to view. She knows where all the windows are. Readers can consider what’s going on outside, what the cat is considering, where the cat is in the house as the perspective changes.

simple drawing full of emotion
how did the cat get those muddy paws in the house?
A connection to something they might have seen before or read about

In a time, when so many are bound by the walls inside their homes, this book celebrates what we can see and consider inside. Full of rich language and writing style that young author’s can use as mentors, this is a book to read over and over. Great for perspective, prediction, pause, it’s a shining example that the narrative doesn’t have to be dense for the content to be rich.

Brendan Wenzel discusses his drawing and writing process in this video. This video is nearly 1 hour long, but you could watch just a portion or watch it in stages as you discuss author’s craft. As you study this author, check out the beautiful peaceful, A Stone Sat Still and the lively, Hello, Hello as well.

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