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Thank you, Elly Swartz!

In Massachusetts, it is the first day of February vacation. I woke up at 8:32, in a panic that I was late for school. My brain quickly reminded me that it is Saturday. Phew! For the next week, I will enjoy sleeping in without alarms, sipping some extra coffee and enjoy reading a book or two, including Dear Student by Elly Swartz.

Last weekend, I enjoyed reconnecting with Elly at Wellesley books for her book launch event, and she kindly asked the teachers in the room to stand up. Thank you, Elly, for recognizing the selfless and endless work that educators take on each and every day, especially throughout the last two years. You also deserve a big THANK YOU for tackling mental health challenges in your writing. You are doing important work, and teachers are so lucky to have your books to share with students.

Hear Elly talk about her newly published book and read Chapter 1. I can’t wait to share this book at school in March!

Happy school vacation, Massachusetts teachers, and happy weekend to teachers everywhere! We all deserve the rest and time with a good book.

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