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Wonder Walkers by Micha Archer

Wonder Walkers by Micha Archer

Fans of Daniel’s Good Day will not be surprised by the exuberance of Wonder Walkers by the same author, Micha Archer. For me Micha Archer is on a literary roll, that I hope she keeps up. Look for me to review another book by this author in the coming months.

Let’s begin with its Caldecott Honor. The book is a rich tapestry of illustrative story telling and technique. Budding artists can pick apart the collage technique, the artist uses to give depth to her illustrations. Ms. Archer describes her technique here.

The illustrations draw the reader in starting with the place many of us have been, stuck in the house, to gazing out the window, enjoying what I imagine is the New England coast. The illustrations change perspective and eye level, soaring to heights and dipping to crouching, hopefully encouraging the reader to do the same.

The book begins with a simple exchange between the children,

Wonder Walk?


Simple, but rich with punctuation that explains it all. The subtle look between the children. The simple words that express that this is not their first wonder walk.

But then… the text expands to include rich metaphor and personification. Aren’t we always look for a book with figurative language? This one has a full gambit, enough to make us long to create some text in the company of our students.

Do mountains have bones? Are forests the mountains fur?

For a book of few words, the book takes us, its readers, on a profound journey. The noticing and wonderings of these youngsters may prompt a wonder walk with analogy rich wonderings as well making new connections and comparisons to things in their world.

What I love as a coach and a teacher is a book that can span grade levels, genres, and purposes. I believe Wonder Walkers is one of those books. I cannot wait to continue playing in this text with students.

Are shells the shore’s necklace? Is the ocean the world’s bath?

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  1. I lobe how you featured this treasure Susan! My class was thrilled to see Micha earn a Caldecott Honor. I used the dust jacket this year to create a “wonder walkers” board where kids could pose wonderings on sticky notes.

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