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Decodables My Kids Can’t Stop Reading

Now, I am a big believer in authentic text, but there are times when readers need practice with a specific phonics skill. Applying newly learned phonics skills can be tricky for some, which is when I pull out a decodable text. A decodable text lets students focus on applying the phonics skill as they read.

Thanks to Gwen Blumberg, I learned about these texts on Twitter, and my striving readers beg me to download more. is the work of Dr.Julia Lindsey, and here is a quick snapshot of just a few of the titles available for students who need extra practice with consonant blends.

When a student in my class read, Is it a Chipmunk? he laughed out loud – now, when does that happen with phonetic texts?

Right now, several kids are reading books from the -vce collection. They love these topic choices and couldn’t believe that some stories take place in Boston.

If you have young friends who need extra practice with phonics skills, you will love this resource. They are free and so easy to download. Simply upload them to SeeSaw, airdrop them to a student’s device, or print them out. There are lots of options so kids can have choices. Of course, all students need to read a wide variety of texts. These are just another text option to have nearby to help make learning stick.

Happy Reading!


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