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John’s Turn by Mac Barnett

John’s Turn by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Kate Berube was recently published. It’s a mentor text for being brave, taking risks, liking something different, and doing something in front of a large audience. I bet you can infer from the front cover what John shares with his whole school on a Friday morning. The illustrations are a mentor text for showing movement and emotions. We found a couple of pages interesting illustrative moves and wondered how Kate new when to zoom in and why.

My students thinking after reading offers additional insight.

  • It’s about a boy who has stage fright and doesn’t want to perform. He does it anyways and feels good about it.
  • This book reminds me Pink is for Boys. It also says boys can dance too.
  • The story is heart warming. His friends clapped for him after being nervous earlier in the day.
  • The message is boys can do whatever girls can do.

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