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Have you ever finally settled down with a book that you’ve been ever so patiently waiting to read, just to be completely disheartened by the language or the nature of the content? Or, have you perused your teen’s required reading or friend suggestions to your utter dismay! It seems to me that more frequently than ever, the featured stories, the required reading lists, and suggested titles are filled with texts that run contrary to my family values. Honestly, most of them have decent plots, and sometimes, important messages. The delivery is the problem. There’s nothing worst, in my opinion, than getting into a story and having to abandon it because of explicit language, violence and graphic content. If you fall into this category of the disheartened, dismayed and downright disgusted, take a look at this resource;

Cathy Cardmore Lim is the founder of Rated Reads; a now 14 year endeavor. According to the bio on the site, she’s dedicated her professional life to reviewing, editing and writing books. The site’s main page, posts the following summary…

”Rated Reads is a book rating resource for those who don’t like excessive vulgar language, violence or explicit sex in their otherwise good books.”

Book reviewers range in age from teens to adults, and they hail from all walks of life. There are featured reviews available. You may also search the site by title or author. There is an option to browse. You may browse by category, genre, and my personal favorite, rating. Books are rated red (explicit, extra graphic, strong language) to green (none of the aforementioned elements). A rating is also suggested for books that shouldn’t be considered at all. Check out this site readers.

I believe we would all agree that reading time is precious. I value the informed opinions of those who’ve gone before me. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out to all the reviewers at Rated Reads. Thanks for safeguarding my precious reading time.

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