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Justice and Action

I am reading lots of books with my second graders to help them notice and name injustices, introduce them to people who took a stand (many who still are), and recognize the power they have to stand up for themselves and others.

As we read books and watch videos, the children have hands-down conversations either as a whole class or in small groups to talk about the biases and injustices they see. More importantly, these texts also inspire the kids to talk about the injustices they witness and the actions they can take to stand up for themselves and others. I am so grateful to have these videos and books at my side as the kids learn about action and justice.

This text encourages kids to ask, “how can I make things better for others?”

Thanks to Mandy Robek, I added another text to this collection.

I didn’t know there weren’t any shelters for women before Kip Tiernan created Rosie’s Place and neither did the kids.

They also couldn’t stop talking about Marley Dias and how an eleven-year-old took action to get more books with black girl characters in the hands of readers.

Next week, we’ll explore these resources.

I can’t wait to see what these second graders have to say and how the conversations empower them to take a stand.

Happy Reading!


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