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Where Three Oceans Meet by Rajani Larocca

It’s a rainy day in Massachusetts. It is the kind of day that makes me want to snuggle up with a good book so I invited our reading community to do so this afternoon. We cozied up on our green, orange, and blue polka-dotted rug and turned off the lights like a theater. Together, we listened to Rajani Larocca’s Where Three Oceans Meet on Audible. This beautiful picture book gifted us color on this gray day. I flipped the pages of our digital copy as the audiobook filled our classroom with sounds of the story– train whistles, crashing waves, and joyful melodies.

What do you love?

  • I’m learning about a different culture. I see what Sejal’s family eats and how they dress.
  • I love the illustrations because they are so colorful.
  • I like the audiobook – the narrator reads for each character then there’s a chorus when all characters speak together.
  • I like the life lesson in the story.

What is a life lesson we have we learned?

  • People are stronger together. This is shown when Sejal is not feeling well. Her mom and her grandmother were both with her making her feel better. The text also says that the braid is strong with all of the pieces, which is a symbol of togetherness. Another piece of evidence is at the end when Sejal, her mom, and Pati are all standing together at the ocean.

This heartwarming, intergenerational story is definitely one you’ll want to share with your reading community.

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