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“You’ll be in my heart”

It doesn’t seem fitting to go on as normal…it doesn’t feel right…it’s heart wrenching to go on yet again…but we do it, day in and day out. We do it while keeping hope for the sweet littles that we work with. What we do matters.

I walked into school Wednesday morning holding back tears, knowing that connection and relationship were even more critical than ever; do you know what happened when my kindergarteners walked through the door? They picked up some books and gathered together.

That’s what we’ve created together this year, a culture of reading. We use books to connect, process, and grow. While we didn’t directly discuss the events of the day before, my kids could sense the energy in the world and felt the need for connection too. We read our favorite books that made us laugh. We read our favorite books that made us think. We read our favorite books that taught us things.

While teaching a reading group on the rug, I felt a little body lean up against me. She was independent reading but needed connection so came to read next to me while I taught. These are the moments we feel the importance of our work.

We sat together. Together we sat.

Even the ladybugs, tadpoles, caterpillars, and beans enjoy books in our room.

At one point in the day, the kids were working on puzzles and asked for me to play music. “You’ll Be In My Heart” happened to come on and I looked up at them, my innocent little kindergarteners and I got teary. They are definitely in my heart, just as all educators hold all current and former students in their hearts, now and forevermore.

These littles are our future and they deserve all the good we can give them.

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