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What If, Pig?

What if Pig?, by Linzie Hunter, recognizes the worry-er in all of us.  Pig appears to be a put together, thoughtful, kind, considerate friend.

 But when Pig sets out to throw a party for his friends, we see the worry he has under his calm, cool exterior.

 Pig has some reasonable worries – such as worrying that his friends will have an awful time at his party, and some unreasonable worries – such as wondering if a ferocious lion will show up at his party and eat all of his guests.

 It boils down to Pig’s insecurity worrying that no one actually likes him and Pig feels alone.  He considers canceling the party and pretending he is sick to avoid all of the disastrous situations he has conjured up in his head.  Luckily, Pig’s friend Mouse shows up and realizes that Pig isn’t feeling like himself.  They go for a walk and Pig shares his biggest worry – “what if I always feel sad?”

Mouse assures him that “things don’t stay gray for long” and as they arrive back at Pig’s house to find his friends have arranged a surprise party to cheer him up.  At the party, they ALL share the worries they have been keeping inside. 

At the end, Pig wonders one more “What If?”:..the most wonderful “What If?” of all!

I shared this book with a class of first graders and a class of fourth graders and the similarities in their reactions was surprising and quite sweet.  Kids were ready and willing to share their worries and how they could relate to Pig.  I think seeing a book character that they could relate to, even in their most vulnerable thoughts, gave them the freedom to share their connection and similar worries.  In both classrooms it was a really heart warming and sweet moment.  We all walked away feeling connected, included, and understood – kids and adults alike.

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