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Get a Scoop Of This!

On the first day of school, during our first session of identity mapping, I found myself in many conversations about ice cream with kids. I began thinking, I just found a way to hook readers for our first Meet Someone New Monday celebration. I just knew I’d need to share The Sweetest Scoop: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Revolution by Lisa Robinson–a new, tasty picture book biography.

Our first Monday with students was this week–September 12th!

There were giggles when the cheesy jokes were shared, comments about my read aloud voice changing to match the mood of the story, and an admiration of social justice flavor names such as “Empower Mint.” And. . .when these joyful and curious readers found out their voices would be shared with others online, they had a lot to say about this sweet book choice. Here’s what they’d like you to know!

“The book is funny, and it has a lot of jokes.”

“It’s very inspirational because Ben and Jerry helped the world be a better place.”

“It has good lesson because they never gave up. They followed their dreams so people could enjoy their ice cream.”

“Ben and Jerry are honest in the way they name their flavors because they’re based on real world problems.”

“They are creative because of the way they broke the chocolate in the boxes.”

“Ben and Jerry hear people out. For example, they take ice cream flavor requests and pay attention to important world causes.”

“The book is enjoyable for all ages. It seems like a book for kids and adults. I love how they are environment friendly.”

“It seems like Ben and Jerry leap over problems instead of getting blocked by walls (problems). They don’t think, This business is too hard. Instead, they get creative.”

One reader was particularly fascinated by the facts in our reveal video. I have a feeling he’ll love this weekly celebration!

4Q hopes you’ll enjoy some delicious books (like this one) and ice cream flavors (like Cherry Garcia) in the near future. Happy reading!

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