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Everywhere With You

Everywhere With You written by Carlie Sorosiak and illustrated by Devn Holzwarth is a new addition to our classroom library. This book reminded me about the power of a first read without any stopping and thinking moments.

The story opens with two houses and a fence between them. On one side of the fence is a dog who often feels alone. Footsteps on the other side bring a little girl with peanut butter crackers. Over time they visit nightly with her reading books to the dog who often feels alone. This nightly routine carries on through the seasons until one night the dog sees the little girl doesn’t come at the usual time. As we read through the ending, I knew my students had thinking to share.

“What are you thinking about this story and/or what would you want to tell other teachers about this book?”

“It’s a little bit about friendship.”

“It’s kid of heart warming, has me wondering.”

“The detailed pictures really capture our attention.”

“It’s about a girl and a dog and they love each other.”

“It reminded me to be inclusive.”

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