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Sometimes, All I Need is Me

Sometimes, All I Need is Me by Juliana Perdomo was the perfect book to read while we reflect on starting a new year. As I read the story to my third grades this morning the room became more settled and a sense of calm filled the air. We usually have a similar feel when we read books and yet today it felt different.

The main character lives with her mom, sister, and dog. Right away readers learn home is comfortable. We learn about her being away from home and finding her own calm. She talks about things she does when she is alone. We read about kid size struggles she has and about a reflection that empowers readers to end the story.

I wondered if the text was simple for third graders. I found the message empowering and necessary as an adult and know I approach books differently than my students. Here’s what they had to say after reading Sometimes, All I Need is Me by Juliana Perdomo.

“The words made me feel calm and peaceful.”

“It does with kindness day – she’s being kind to herself.”

“She’s liking it when she’s with other and when she’s along.”

“She shares strategies she uses.”

“She finds solutions to her problems.”

“It reminds me of summer when I’m really hot and I calm down with a popsicle.”

“I like how she likes to be alone – she uses her imagination.”

“Reminds me of opposites – light and dark, yes and no.”

“It reminds me of preschool and the MTC space we had – me time corner.”

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